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When the Beaver family began this business in 1949, we relied on a single, simple idea to help our company grow – do right by the customers and they will do right by you. Today that focus may be the only aspect of our business that remains unchanged. Beaver is now a leader in what has become a complex, technology-driven industry. Our mixes are precision-engineered. Our dispatching and delivery are monitored moment-by-moment.

  • Beaver Materials DriversOur drivers are in constant contact with the plants.

  • Beaver Materials Located in Noblesville IndianaOur plants are in constant contact with our customers.

  • Beaver Materials TrucksScheduling, delivery times and load sizes are all synchronized to maximize our efficiency and yours.

Beaver Gravel History


Starting out as a father and son business, Beaver Gravel maintained gravel roads for Hamilton County in the late 1940’s. During this time, Forrest and Marion Beaver would dry bank sand and gravel from the pit then load it onto horse drawn wagons to spread onto the gravel roads. They did this together for two years before starting F. Beaver and Son gravel pit in 1949.

In 1959, Forrest’s daughter Frances and her husband (Charlie) purchased the gravel pit and began to look to the future. Their first order of business would be to purchase a sand dredge that would take the place of a Sauerman system which immediately sped up production.

In 1970, Frances sold the company to Allyn and Gary Beaver and their business partner Bernie Shank thus creating Beaver Gravel Corp. With nationally recognized customers like Rite Mix and MA-RI-AL, Beaver Gravel Corp. was able to expand into other processes further increasing the companies footprint in the ever changing industry.

In 2012, Chris Beaver purchased the shares of Allyn and Gary Beaver, while Bernie Shank brought his grandchildren Rob and Johnny on board to help continue this family operated business. Now a fifth generation company, Beaver Gravel Corp. continues to meet and exceed the demands of the industry through innovation and technology to keep serving customers for generations to come.

We help you build more than houses or hospitals, or stores – we help you build a business. On your side. Start to finish.

“We’ve built our business on helping customers strengthen their businesses. When you work with Beaver Materials, you have five generations of industry professionals committed to your company’s performance. You’ll see it in the products we produce, the programs and services we offer, and the way we are personally involved your office and on the job site. We’re on your side – start to finish.”

Chris Beaver, President

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